重庆HACCP认证 重庆“牧牛源”通过HACCP认证,全产业链打造“牛”品牌 发布时间: 2017-06-12 12:51

重庆HACCP认证 重庆“牧牛源”通过HACCP认证,全产业链打造“牛”品牌
Chongqing" cattle source" through the HACCP certification, the whole industry chain to create a" bull" brand
Chongqing city beef cattle source food limited company is the full green industrial (Group ) its core in joint-stock private enterprise, settled in Chongqing City, less than half the time they formed the 100000 head of cattle fattening, ecological breeding, slaughter and processing ability, and proposed to create a " Chinese beef cattle first" target. The company's general manager Xiong Deming said," for 3 years, do do greatly strong beef cattle and sold the whole industry chain, the company production value breaks through 2000000000 yuan, and strive to be listed cattle source operation." A source in Chongqing 's rapid development to make industry of Chongqing beef cattle touch of spring. 3 years later, cattle sources will become the food industry of Chongqing, and a listing of the" trump card".
A few days ago, the author in the city of Chongqing, Wing Fai, cloning and other major supermarkets and the community of small supermarkets to see, a source of pre-packaged food stewed beef, beef, beef Tang San leisure series 20 products have a comprehensive listing. By virtue of the " good beef cattle is the source, good taste, good convenience" products," green, environmental protection, health, safety" brand target, realize from farm to table of beef cattle and raise add pin the whole industry chain efficiency link.
Create efficient complete industrial chain
" Bovine whole body is treasure, a cow beef can have more elaborate division of production." Cattle source company general manager Xiong Deming told the author that beef cattle industry fine deep processing industrial chain of mystery.
" In 2000, an accidental opportunity, I went to New Zealand beef cattle market. There, a cow can be transformed into 200 items for sale, raw material utilization rate is amounted to 100%, only one cow's final output value will reach 200000 yuan." Xiong Deming found, and abroad already formed in the deep processing of beef cattle production and marketing chain is different, he had studied many beef cattle enterprises, is still in the " cattle - the slaughter of cattle - selling beef" in the original format, and consumer demand" nutrition, safe, convenient, fast" beef food gap.
For Chinese beef cattle industry of Chongqing beef cattle make it big source of food limited liability company, to allow consumers to buy green beef, to taste the most delicious beef dishes, must be done from the control of breeding source to the terminal product sales integration of the whole industrial chain system effective link. To this end, Xiong Deming relies on its parent holding company full green family group on beef cattle industry for 4 years of investment and operation of the project, and start layout cattle source of leading industry of new commercial pattern -- raise add pin the whole industry chain control system.